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Decision8 improves the way decisions are made in the digital universe.


Making Choices

Choice is a fundamentally American source of empowerment and pride. Yet an overabundance of options can work to the opposite, paralyzing us or diminishing the excitement about a decision with a nagging sense of regret.

The Decision8 Engine

Our proprietary Preference Profiling engine transforms information overload into prioritized knowledge. The result is well-informed individuals and businesses, making complex decisions with confidence.

Predictive Intelligence

Decision8’s patented tools combine the power of machine data and AI learning with the insight and intuition of humans to produce actionable insights that are superior to what each could produce independently.

Demo – How Preference Profiling Works

Why Now?

Never before has information been more plentiful.

A limitless bounty of data lies at our fingertips,
representing choice and the freedom to improve our lives.

{and yet}

Overabundant options can work against us.
It can seem impossible to cut through the noise
to pinpoint the smart, satisfying and productive option.

Sales pitches can’t do it.
Advertising can’t do it.
Even consumer reviews are insufficient.

Today’s market requires a solution that empowers
people and businesses to make decisions with confidence
by matching individual preferences with objective data.

Unique Analytics Tools & Services

In addition to preference based decision software that directs individuals and businesses to confident decisions, Decision8 also provides a suite of analytical tools and services. The data generated through the search algorithms is an invaluable tool for businesses striving to extract meaning from user preference trends.

A few things about Decision8…


Patented Technology

The sophisticated Decision8 Engine uses a proprietary statistics-based algorithm that aggregates, ranks and matches dynamic preference strength for an overabundance of dimensions. The technology hones and presents information matches in true “best fit” priority order.


Beautifully Simple

Decision8 technology is useful in its apparent simplicity. The consumer can pinpoint the search using their own needs and priorities. Behind the scenes, the sophisticated Decision8 Engine matches complex multivariate criteria, free from any potentially disingenuous advertising or other outside influence.


Confident Choice

The result is trustworthy knowledge that produces real confidence, even in the face of high cost or great complexity. No more second-guessing your decisions!


Sample Markets

Real Estate

Real Estate

Finding “Best Match” residential, rental, vacation & commercial properties.



Help voters select candidates and issues based on matching their specific preferences to actual platforms and facts.



Helping retail consumers match preferences and needs to available choices for goods including cell phones, PCs, TVs, appliances & more.



Retirement living, colleges, travel, cars, etc… wherever complex or costly choices are made.

Case Study – Real Estate


Look for a Demo Coming Soon

Unique Web Pages

Registered Agents

Registered Home Buyers

Markets Served:
Raleigh • Durham • Chapel Hill, NC
Greensboro • Winston-Salem • High Point, NC
Greater Charlotte, NC
Greater Atlanta, GA

The Centaur Modeler

This new Predictive Intelligence platform allows organizations to merge their raw or machine-learned  data with the insight and intuition of Subject Matter Experts to produce a report showing the likelihood and confidence of certain outcomes from amongst a choice of possible outcomes.

How Does This Work?

Like Freestyle Chess! These are tournaments where even lower-ranked players combine with computers running chess software to regularly defeat machines or Grand Masters playing alone.

Centaur Output Prototype

Meet our team

Besides Jeff & Paul, we’ve also assembled a team of contracted professionals, industry experts and firms who provide consulting services in the areas of intellectual property, marketing, business operations, finance, etc for many sectors, including healthcare, internet, financial services, energy, engineering, government, defense, aerospace and more.

Decision8 is a Limited Liability Company.

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