Jeffrey M Johnston

Jeffrey M Johnston
Jeff Johnston

Managing Partner & President

Always pursuing innovation and business models that help individuals and businesses make smarter decisions. Passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship, whether for individuals starting their own enterprises or staff members of any organization not satisfied with the status quo and wanting to make things work better.

I am currently re-launching an enterprise with a greatly expanded vision: To help individuals and businesses make smart decisions easier. Decision8 will be the vehicle to launch tools across multiple industries and markets.

Launched in the real estate industry in 2005, based on patented software designed to help user create a preference profile and see home search results in priority order.

Creative problem solver, bringing together disparate pieces of the puzzle to create solutions. Highly collaborative in approach, always working to bring people together to mutually create positive outcomes. Specialties: business launches, market research, marketing, sales, patent applications, leadership, management, innovation, investment, communications, human resources & pharmaceuticals.